Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Emergency Love It or Loathe It? Mischa Barton

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When I saw this outfit I thought it was laughably bad. The pants, the shoes, the purse, the belt - all bad! However, I have had numerous people tell me they like this outfit. Maybe they like its Golden Girl kitsch (although, lets be honest, no self respecting Golden girl would wear this outfit... not even Blanche), or maybe they just like incredibly unflattering clothes. Whatever the case may be, I need to know... Do you Love or Loathe this outfit?

Tomorrow: Get Kerri Russell's Look (I promise!)


Anonymous said...

LOVE it. -dc

clare said...


i like the outfit because it's like mischa is telling me a joke and it seems like it's gonna come together in this delightful and unexpected way and it's gonna be totally awesome and funny.

but then it turns out the joke is neither awesome nor funny because the punchline is those crappy boots and i kinda just don't get it.

but then i like it again because it's almost kinda cool when people make you feel all cranky like that. it's like watching shitty performance art. and you hate it, but then you realize that it must be pretty good art if it's making you feel so bad...right?

clare said...

p.s. about the babbling...i just quit smoking so i'm technically retarded. sorry.

mojdeh said...

i'm going to stick with my original 'cracked out' comment on this one.

question re: vests...i saw a girl in the streets wearing a vest with not even so much as a bra underneath. now, her boobs were small so its not like it was skanky or offensive, but it made her look very man-ish...or something. anyway i didn't like it. what do YOU think?

Killer Queen said...

I'd say, in general, vests should be worn over something. But then look at Kate Hudson in Almost Famous... She wore some pretty would be skanky tops, but they work. It just depends on your body shape, and what the over all look is (and how much skin is showing).