Thursday, March 8, 2007

5 Things You Can Do To Dress Up ANY Outfit

1. WEAR MAKEUP - An instant transformation from lazy to polished is achieved by simply doing your face. When your face looks finished, you're outfit will to.

2. DON'T WEAR SNEAKERS - There's nothing that says, "I just rolled outta bed" more than sneakers. Pair your tee and jeans with some bold colored flats, neutral ballet slippers, or (gasp) a pair of heels.

3. DO YOUR DO - A comfy outfit is totally fine with comfy hair, but not bed hair. Throw it up into a messy bun or wrap a head band around it, keep it loose. Don't pull it back into a tight pony or leave it down and scraggly.

4. ACCESSORIZE - Wear light accessories. Pick a piece and stick with it. Wear a necklace (or a couple) or wear earrings. Too many will throw off the look.

5. BOLD BAG OR BOLD SUNGLASSES - (I prefer both) This will pull the outfit together and people will wonder..."how does she do it? I don't look that good when I wear a tee shirt and jeans."

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clare said...

wait a makeup, no accessories, sneakers and bedhead...

are you blog-scolding me?

Natasha said...

Killer Queen said...

Are you criticizing my grammar? hahaha! I know the difference between your and you're. However, I'm a bad speller and I type fast... a deadly combo. So I usually let spell check do my work for me. Unfortunately, when I type youre meaning your, it usually picks the other way. A bad excuse I know, but I'm sticking to it. PS that was kinda rude.