Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Look of The Week: Ashley Olsen

So I'm not usually the biggest Mary Kate and Ashley fan but when they get it right, man they nail it.

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Get ready to see me in this outfit!

(Tomorrow, get her look!)


Anonymous said...

sooo cute. i love this mix of trends in this outfit: the high-waist, the sailor-esque pant, WITH overall straps. magical. but i usually love mk anyway! - danni

Anonymous said...

that's ashley, not mk! i really don't understand why ppl can't get it right.

clare said...

i need to go shopping soon. you should come visit so i'll have an excuse to go to h&m.

Killer Queen said...

It's my fault! I can't tell them apart and I thought it was MK at first!

PS They're identical.