Saturday, March 17, 2007

Love it or Loath it? Cameron's Casual Chic.

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I understand and respect what she's trying to do here, but I think it's a miss. You all know how much I love a pair of house boots, but I think something about the boot/scarf combo makes it too big and too much. She should have paired this outfit with a nice pair of flats (then it may have made a look of the week!). What do you think, Casual Connoisseur or Casual Casualty?


Buckaroo said...

Jen and I agree independently:

Love the top and pants,

Loath the boots and scarf thingy

Anonymous said...

House boots = never trendy + always sloppy.

What's the next hot trend? Pajama pants? Scruncis? Crumbs on your clothes?

Crazyitalianlt said...

Just lose the oversized scarf.

Killer Queen said...

crumbs on your clothes? Oh Matt, you're so ahead of you time.