Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MAGIC: Fashion Report

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Hi All!

I'm back and here's the fashion report from Las Vegas:

What's in store for the Stores:

Lots, and LOTS of tunic tops - if you like the flowy tops introduced last summer, then you'll love whats in store for 2007. All types sizes and patterns. 2007 is going to be the year of the tunic top!

Mod Squad - geometric patterns and bold colors in cute 1960's mod shapes were a big hit at the show. All ages are getting down for this oldie (but goodie) style!

BIG Sleeves - Renaissance inspired sleeves were shown at all the great booths... The bigger the better!

What the Buyers were wearing:

Comfortable chic - cotton, cotton, cotton... but very pulled together. Everything from leggings and heels to tunic tops and jeans, it was all about casual elegance for the buyers at the Magic show.

Dark Colors - Everyone was wearing their "little black dress" for the day. Dark blouses/sweaters paired with dark jeans/leggings.

Pop of Color - Great shoes, designer bag, or nifty head scarf, the buyers knew the right piece to pull their outfits together.

BOOTS! - I can't say enough about all the amazing boots I saw. I was so mad that I didn't wear mine!

Thanks to magiconline.com for the photo!

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