Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Shopping Center Blues

A quick Rant...

I was out shopping yesterday when I came across a very cute pair of black flats, on sale mind you. 50% off! They were a little pricey so I asked the sales girl for the exact total including tax. She gave it to me and I decided to go for it. She went to retrieve the other shoe and when she came back she said she "accidentally" quoted me the wrong price. The price on the shoe (on the sales floor) was different than the price listed on the box. I asked her if she would honor the price she quoted me, of course, she wouldn't. "It's in the system" was her big argument. Now, I've worked a lot of retail in my day and "in the system" or not, there is always a way to satisfy your customer. This really is a ridiculous trick. These people lure you up to the counter with false prices and then make you feel pressure to buy something at a higher cost. Lets rise up against our retail oppressors and demand that they honor their prices!

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Crazyitalianlt said...

Oh yea I would've demanded the original price quoted...we all know it's about making the customer's not your fault that they "posted" the wrong price or that she "quoted" the wrong did you buy the shoes ? curious.