Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Beauty Tip for the Incredibly Lazy: Hair

Want great party hair but you're one of those lazy folk? Here's the easiest way I know to get fun and party acceptable hair.

1. Wash your hair. I know it only happens once in a while, but schedule it for a day when you'll be going out later.

2. Let it air dry so it's almost dry but still damp.

3. Flip your head upside down and lightly spray some hair spray (very lightly).

4. Stuff as much of your hair into a messy bun as possible. Not too high on your head, keep it about even with your ears, and leave a part (in the middle or to one side, whatever you prefer).

Leave it like this all day. Sometimes I will pull my bun down and put it back up just to get the kinks going in a different direction.

5. When party time comes, pull your hair down. You should have some pretty good waves going. Again, lightly spray with some hairspray (While doing this I usually scrunch it with my hands a little).

From here you can:
  • Pull it into a messy ponytail
  • Wear it down with a headband
  • Wear it all the way down, heck you're lazy!

1 comment:

clare said...

it's nice to know that you're still thinking of me even though i'm so far away...i am going to take off my house boots, brush the crumbs off my clothes and try this out.