Thursday, April 12, 2007

Love it or Loath it? Halle Berry Sexy Menswear

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I definitely love her top/vest combo, but the pants may be a bit much for my taste. But let's be honest, if anyone can pull off leather pants, it's Halle Berry! What do you think, menswear minx or brazen barmaid?


mojdeh said...

agreed. love the top, but leather? really? no, i don't think even she can pull that off. i mean, did she not learn anything from catwoman?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to break ranks this time and give a hesitant "love" to the outfit.

And coming from a guy who doesn't usually find her attractive, she looks mighty fine in those pants.

clare said...

yuck. leather pants are yucky.

Crazyitalianlt said...

she looks good. Leather is a definite no no but I think she pulls it off well...the top/vest combo is simply adorable and one of my new fave ways to dress up an otherwise boring top. : )